African Literature Pdf

African literature is literature of or from africa and includes oral literature or orature in the term coined by ugandan scholar pio zirimu.

African literature pdf. The language of african literature ngugi wa thiongo in 1962 1 was invited to that historic meeting of african writers at makerere university college kampala uganda the title a conference of african writers of english expression automatically the discussions on the excluded those who wrote in african languages novel the short story poetry. African literature also it is observed is a mixed grill. Modern african literature is the natural inheritor of traditional african literature and though. African literature possessing those qualities that define it as such.

Fliropean attacks on african literature concentrate on the domains ofthe thenes developed. Most of the writing comes from angola cape verde and mozambique but sao tome and guinea are equally well represented. The techniques ofwri ting the concepts. That is why i trace response to oral poetic performances as of the udje and ijala and the continuation into modern works in english french or portuguese among others.

In the epic tradition the exploits of sunjata the medieval founder of the mali empire is the most celebrated. Issues in african literature continues the debate and tries to clarify contemporary burning issues in african literature by focussing on particular areas where the debate has been most concerned or around which it has hovered and been persistent. Books shelved as african literature. It is written in vernacular or tribal tongues.

Eurocentric criticisms ofifrican literature are an illustration ofadelibemte desire to impose western norms on african literature. Written in foreign tongues english french portuguese and within the foreign language in which it is written pidgin and creole further bend the already bent language giving african literature a further taint of linguistic impurity. And the general philosophy ofliterarytheory. That african literature in portuguese has received so little attention seems surprising for it is a formidable body of work of a varied and a most appealing originality.