African Traditional Religion Pdf

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African traditional religion pdf. The unofficial title is if my client brings god into the conversation what should i do. The vast majority of people practiced traditional african religions while adherents of christianity and. In the 20th century artistic movements such as cubism fauvism and expressionism have often taken inspiration from vast and diverse heritage of african masks. Traditional african masks are one of the elements of great african art that have most evidently influenced europe and western art in general.

2 many basic similarities in the religious systemseverywhere there is the concept of god called by different names. As of 1900 both muslims and christians were relatively small minorities in the region. Generally these traditions are oral rather than scriptural include belief in a supreme creator belief in spirits veneration of the dead use of magic and traditional medicine. The igbo and efik experiences are examples that can be verified among other african peoples.

Or at least thats the official title. The traditional african religions or traditional beliefs and practices of african people are a set of highly diverse beliefs that include various ethnic religions. No one may subject to law and order be submitted to measures restricting the exercise of. Influences of this heritage can also be found in other traditions such as south and central.

Episode 59 todays social work podcast is on incorporating religion and spirituality into social work practice with african americans. International journal of academic research in progressive education and development april 2012 vol. What must be emphasized is that no matter the effect of the events and contacts on them the africans have directly. 4 freedom of conscience the profession and free practice of religion shall be guaranteed.

There is also the concept of divinities andor spirits as well as beliefs in the.