Conceptual Framework In Qualitative Research Pdf

The goal of the conceptual framework is to illustrate your research approach in some pictorial text forms to ease readers understanding of your research approach.

Conceptual framework in qualitative research pdf. Introduction and theoretical framework. According to miles and huberman 1994 a conceptual framework lays out the key factors constructs or variables and presumes relationships among them p. Design of the qualitative research. Its purpose is to establish a framework for the research so that readers can understand how it is related to other research wilkinson 1991 p.

Understanding the theoretical framework. A conceptual framework is a structure which the researcher believes can best explain the natural progression of the phenomenon to be studied camp 2001. It is linked with the concepts empirical research and important theories used in promoting and systemizing the knowledge espoused by the researcher peshkin 1993. Finally we highlight strategies and techniques for implementing a theoretical framework in a dissertation study.

Discussion some research methods do not overtly use a theoretical framework or conceptual framework in their design but this is implicit and underpins. If they are devoted to a particular research method it is often because that method is an expression of their paradigm. Maps serve the purpose of helping researchers to link the conceptual framework of the research to the actual research methods. The design of qualitative research is probably the most flexible of the various experimental techniques encompassing a variety of accepted methods and structures.

Another way of putting this is that a conceptual framework for your research is something that is constructed not found. For many qualitative researchers it is their general frame work or paradigm that is most important to them. Use of theoretical and conceptual frameworks in qualitative research. On the differences between a theoretical and conceptual framework.

The framework was used to determine research questions and give direction to interviews and discussions to focus the research. Four major types of qualitative research design are the most commonly used. 22 reducing data one of the strengths of using concept maps in qualitative research is that it allows the researcher to reduce the data in a meaningful way. Next the article describes the important tenets of selecting an appropriate theoretical framework for ones research.

Qualitative researchs conceptual framework can be developed based on your research problem objective questions.